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Rural No Longer Means No Access
We're rolling out thousands of miles of fiber optic cable from our lush rolling valleys, to our scenic mountaintops, to our flowing rivers - bringing the benefits of broadband internet to our fellow West Virginians. Find out if our broadband internet is available in your neck of the woods.
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Super Fast
Our broadband internet blows away other old connectivity methods, such as copper lines. Up to 30x faster!
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Ultra Reliable
Enjoy unsurpassed reliability. Fiber is less prone to decay than traditional methods and is easily updated.
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Unthrottled Fun!
Play, stream, listen and download without interruption - no matter how may devices you have connected!
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Work in Your PJs
Work with ease from your home office. Fiber connectivity provides the bandwidth and reliability you need to work successfully from home without missing a beat.
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Smart Education
Whether for schools or those schooling at home, fiber allows our students to work better with access to all the online tools and sources of information they need to perform at their best.
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Future Proof
The future is digital. Citynet Fiber ensures you can handle tomorrow's next big bandwidth demands.
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Citynet is a 100% West Virginia owned company. Our employees love and live here in West Virginia. We're committed to providing the latest technologies to our beloved state and have been and will continue to be pioneers in leading the way lighting up all of West Virginia with critical fiber connectivity.
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Corporate Headquarters:
100 Citynet Drive, Bridgeport, WV 26330